Canned Food Drive

November Food Drive
Posted on 11/13/2023
A can in front of some pantry goods reads "Food Drive Thank you for your donation"

Thanks to our Student Council for sponsoring a canned food drive this November. Homerooms are asked to bring in certain items to be able to provide complete meals for families. The list is as follows:

Grade 8

Devin - pie filling

MacRitchie - gravy mix packages

Phillips - pasta

K. Ranft - canned sweet potatoes

Boussy - marinara sauce

C. Ranft - cranberry sauce

Glynn - frosting

Buscema - applesauce

Stack - canned yams

Grade 7

Heiberger - canned peas

Nguyen - canned corn

Emmons - boxed potatoes

McNealy - stuffing

Busa - boxed mac and cheese

Tian - cornbread mix

Galipeau - canned gravy

Mullaney - pie crust mix

Kearns - canned yams

Grade 6

Moran - boxed rice

Bowe - muffin mix

Maguire - biscuit mix

Mosca - bread crumbs

Ballard - brownie mix

Ryan - cake mix

Sullivan - evaporated milk

Gramuglia - soup

Kearns - canned yams