A boy and a girl work together to construct a small robot.Middle School is an important time in the educational life of children. Students are anxious to explore new interests, while building and improving their current skills and meeting new friends. At Atlantic, we recognize that our students and their families have many different needs, which is why we offer a wide variety of programs. Browse our offerings listed below, which we will offer throughout the year:

  • Art Club

  • Badminton Club

  • Board Game club

  • Dance Club

  • Dungeons and Dragons Club

  • Homework Help

  • Jazz Band

  • LEGO Robotics

  • Mandarin Club

  • Morning Gym

  • QARI LOL Program

  • School Musical/Drama Club

  • Student Council

  • Video Production Club

  • Volleyball Clinic

In addition, Atlantic students have the opportunity to participate in extramural sports and compete against students from other Quincy middle schools. Tennis and cross country are offered in the fall; volleyball, swimming and wrestling are offered in the winter, and golf and track and field are offered in the spring. Please reach out to Atlantic's athletic director, Mr. MacRitchie, with any questions.