Atlantic Visits Celtics via Fit for a Cause

Atlantic Students Visit Celtics Practice Facility
Posted on 01/18/2024
A group of 10 Atlantic students pose in front of a display that reads "Fit for a Cause"

On Monday a group of Atlantic students went to the Celtics practice arena for an exciting adventure! Atlantic is a finalist in the Fit for a Cause program - and if we win, we will get a new fitness room with state-of-the-art equipment! We spoke with Isiah Covington, one of the Celtics Performance Coaches, who told us about different workouts that he creates for the team and individual players. We also spoke with Steven Bekerian, one of the Celtics chefs, who told us about meals that he helps to prepare for the players to make sure they are fueling their bodies appropriately before and after games. We also heard from point guard superstar Derrick White, who spoke about training, nutrition and life as a player. He was so nice and was very happy to meet us all!

We were able to participate in some training drills, including a timed 20-yard dash and a height jump. Atlantic students did well and had a lot of fun! We also played “guess that fruit” where students were blindfolded and had to identify a fruit based on touch. We got 5 out of 8 correct!

Thanks to Mr. Devin and Mrs. Schneller for accompanying the group and to the following students, who were wonderful representatives of Atlantic: Joao Damiao Antunes, Ann Dezima, Mark Dezima, Ella Grimes, Jana Kafihi, Annabella Liu, Max McGillicuddy, Chrissy Mergel, Ella Nadworny, Nathan Zheng.

We will keep you updated on more information about the Fit for a Cause program and ways to get involved!