Fall Sports Information

Fall Sports: Cross-Country and Tennis
Posted on 09/18/2023
Three tennis rackets are lined up against a net

Information has been distributed to students about our fall sports - cross-country and tennis. It is not too late to sign up!

Cross Country will start next week (September 25); practice/meet schedule will be distributed this week, and all questions will be answered. Students will practice at Atlantic and will be bussed to Pageant Field for several meets. The cost for cross-country is $30. Team shirts will be $10.

Tennis will start next week (September 25); practices will be on Mondays at the tennis courts behind Montclair Elementary School. Students will walk there as a team after school and will be dismissed from the courts. The cost for tennis is $15. Team shirts will be $10.

For all sports, students will need to join the Athletics Google Classroom - the code was sent in the weekly newsletter. 

Everyone will need to (1) fill out the athletic medical questionnaire (students need to be signed into their Google account to do this), and students also need to have an (2) updated physical on file with our school nurse and (3) Parental Consent form (students brought this home on Friday photocopied on pink paper). For any athletic-related questions, please contact our Athletic Director, Mr. MacRitchie: [email protected]